Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wood Project - Large Door Tags

Another DIY Project
Supplies Needed:
1. Wood Tags - Sold as a set with rope
2. Paint
3. Vinyl Letters ( personalize with your name or the season)
4. String &/or Ribbon
5. Sponge Brush
6. Sand Paper

 Step One:
Paint tags the color you would like. A contrasting color to your door will allow them to stand out. Here we used TRAIN TAN. Don't forget the edges!

Step Two:
Allow paint to dry completely!! Line up your vinyl letters to get an idea of spacing...

Step Three:
Gently pull the back masking off so that the letters sticky side is facing out. Your words will be backwards....

 Step Four:
Gently place the vinyl on to your board in the place you marked. When it looks right, using a credit card, firmly rub the letters with the side of a credit card so that they are attached to the wood.

Step Five:
Then gently (at an angle) pull the back masking tape off.

Step Six:
Repeat with the second board.

Step Seven:
Take a piece of rope, fold in half and place both ends through the hole on one of the tags...don't pull all the way through. Leave a loop of rope, then run the ends through the opening in loop of rope, making a slip knot. Pull tight!

Repeat with both tags!!

Step Eight:
Take some cute twine (we used the brown) and wrap it around the bottom of each tag. Going around several times. Then tie in a bow!

Step Nine:
Take about a half yard of ribbon, fold in half and slip the ends through the same hole as rope. Making a slip knot again!! You can use more ribbon and make a bow, that would be cute also...

There you go!! All Done!! For a fun idea, turn tags over and make it a seasonal version....

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Unfinished Wood CRAFT!!! HOME with Interchangable 'O's'!!

So in addition to all of our unfinished wood crafts we have added a new one!! HOME with seasonal & holiday interchangeables. We have 13 different "O" inserts to chose from right now including actual "O"s. Come in and get them all or start with just one and work your way up to a full set!! So fun and makes a great gift!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

FALL is in the Air - well its in the Store at least!!

Of course this is just a sampling of all our fun Fall D├ęcor!!
Come in today and get a head start!